2023 Summer Visitors


“The spirit of God has made me,

and the breath of the Almighty

gives me life.”

— Job 33:4

The Summer Visitor gift for 2023 is either a feather or a balloon.

If you have a balloon, we encourage you to take a big breath and slowly fill the balloon.  Watch how your careful breathing changes the balloon.

Then as you let the air out notice what happens when we don’t tend to the gift of our breaths.

If you have a feather, we invite you to hold it in front of you.  Breathe gently on it.  Notice that your breath is like the Holy Spirit — unseen but present, gently making its presence known.

If you are feeling playful, try to blow underneath the feather and keep it in the air.    How long can your breath

hold the feather aloft?

You can also place the feather against a wall and try to hold it in place with your breath.

This video is an introduction to our Just Breathe! project

Watch this video for a fun retelling of the Ezekiel 37 Bible story.


My Very Breath

Here’s an article titled “My Very Breath” that we like.

Note:  It is attributed to Sandra Thurman Caporale, but she does not claim credit for writing it.