“God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.”


Pastor Christian Holleck
One of my favorite Bible stories is the Emmaus Road story in Luke 24. It is a story of journey and transformation, of sadness and joy, not seeing and then seeing. It is an Easter story. This story has helped me understand my own call to ministry, moving from one place and time in my life to another, looking back and discovering that Jesus has been with me all along, sometimes recognized, sometimes not, all the while causing “my heart to burn within me.” Finally this story offers a vision for shared ministry: walking with Jesus, inviting Jesus in, being fed by Jesus, and setting out on new journeys to share the good news.

I was ordained in 1997 in Pontiac, Michigan. In 2006 I came home to New England, accepting a call as Co-Pastor with Tiffany at St. Peter’s. It was a memorable transition, moving and coming over the bridge in the middle of the July 4 weekend! Our two girls grew up at St. Peter’s and the nearby Cape Cod beaches. I have been blessed by family, church, and hobbies that include playing the cello, running the Wing Island trail and clamming on the Cape Cod flats.

portrait of Pastor Christian Holleck
portrait of Pastor Tiffany Nicely Holleck

Pastor Tiffany Nicely Holleck
My favorite Bible verses for the last 14 years have been Isaiah 43:1-4a. My favorite hymn of all time is Amazing Grace. The first speaks to our identity in God, who has created us and saved us. (It is also the only place in the Bible where God says, “I love you” directly to the people.) The second speaks to Christ’s salvation and the power of grace. What do they have in common? They remind me of God’s character and whose I am.
I am an ordained Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor, serving this Lutheran church with my husband and Co-Pastor for the past 13 years. It is a privilege and joy to be a part of this vibrant, active community of God’s people who are hospitable, talented, engaged and deeply compassionate.

portrait of minister of music Cheryl Duerr

Minister of Music Cheryl Duerr
Cheryl Duerr serves as Organist and Director of the Sanctuary Choir and St. Peter’s Handbell Choir. She previously served Attleboro Evangelical Covenant Church where she led a diverse program of choirs, handbell choirs and a praise team. At Church of Our Redeemer, Episcopal in Lexington, MA she led a program of Chancel choir, Children’s choir after-school program, praise band, and the Young Artist Series. She has also led interfaith choirs in those two communities.

Ms. Duerr served the American Guild of Organists (AGO) as Northeast Regional Councillor from 2011-2018 during which time she supervised the Morristown 2011, Hartford 2013, New Haven 2015, Buffalo 2019 conventions and the Montreal Organ Festival 2017 for which she was also Co-Coordinator. She served 42 chapters in New York, New England, Europe and Canada, as well as serving and teaching young organists at Pipe Organ Encounters for Bridgeport 2010, Boston 2011, Southeastern MA POE 2014, and Cape Cod POE 2019.

In addition to a Masters in Music from Boston University, she has studied conducting with Dr. Ann Howard Jones and earned her Associate degree from the AGO. In 2019 she was awarded the Award of Excellence by the Royal Canadian College of Organists.

“No degree or award of a professional nature can come close to the education I have received from my church’s musicians and staff, collegial friendships, and from my family. I’m grateful to all of them.”

portrait of Ministry Administrator Joanie Keating

Ministry Administrator Joanie Keating
Joanie Keating joined our team as Ministry Administrator in May 2020. She moved to Orleans in 2019 with her husband, Chris and children, Molly, 19, Christopher, 18 and Joseph, 12. They have a German Short-haired pointer, Champ and a new Irish Setter puppy, Brady. Prior to starting her family twenty years ago, she was a campus minister at Regis College and the University of Dayton where she studied Pastoral Ministry. Her inspiration for changing career paths from her undergraduate degree in Dietetics came from her work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Bethel, Alaska and Hartford, Connecticut. While mostly a stay at home mom these last 20 years, she has assisted her husband with his law practice, worked as a social media manager and library assistant as well as volunteered and taught religious education for her church communities. She enjoys nature walks, hiking, swimming, cooking, watching movies and football, especially if accompanied by family and friends. For her solitary moments, when life allows, she enjoys devotional reading and podcasts.

Operations Administrator Kathy Branton

As the new Operations Administrator, Kathy Branton handles the finances and facility management of St. Peter’s. Kathy has served numerous United Methodist churches and denominational centers over a 30 + year period. She began her service as finance secretary for a medium church in South Texas, later becoming the Conference Accountant for the Texas Annual Conference, the Administration Director for Southern Illinois Conference, and, more recently, as Director of Finance and I.T. for St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Houston, TX. Prior to leaving Texas, Kathy again served as finance secretary to a medium church in “Deep East” Texas.

Kathy, her husband Tom, and their two schnauzers live in Eastham where they enjoy the” incredible beauty and climate” of the Cape. Their adult children, Amanda and Matthew, continue to find their own paths in Texas. In her spare time, Kathy gardens, loves long walks, and is an aviation enthusiast.

portrait of custodian Rebecca Catron

Custodian Rebecca Catron
Rebecca Catron, a Cape Cod native, was born in 1960. She grew up in Harwich Port where her father owned the Lincoln Lodge and Mary Todd Motel. She lived in Harwich until 1972 then moved to New Hampshire with her mother. In 1984 she moved back to the Cape and started singing in bands for 15 years. Rebecca is also a Mayflower descendant; her 10th great grandfathers are William Brewster and Steve Hopkins. She is married to Robert Catron and lives in Chatham.

portrait of custodian Rebecca Catron
portrait of Nursery Caregiver Lydia Holleck

Nursery Caregiver Lydia Holleck
Lydia has worked with the youngest members and visitors at St. Peter’s since the summer of 2018. She is a student, a clarinetist, and an artist. She enjoys spending time with the children and teaches Sunday School when she’s not in worship or the nursery.